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Rotterdam .NL

Design by ZUS [ Zones Urbaines Sensibles ]

From the dismantling of the post-war building to the final results, this extended series captures the creation of a new chapter of Rotterdam's nightlife.

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A collection of architecture and interior photos from Denis Guzzo's archive captured between 2012 and 2022.

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2009. 2010. 2011 

The Hague .NL


A visual timeline that captured how the steel and glass building, designed by architect Frank van Klingeren in 1967, was slowly disassembled in 2010 over the course of six months.

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Jeughterberg Ockenburg, photo by Denis Guzzo



.Rotterdam .Amsterdam .NL


Three selected case studies of an innovative approach to city-.making featuring:

Luchtsingle by ZUS 

The Ceuvel by Space & Matter

H-LAB by Superuse

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Amsterdam .NL

Design by Delugan  Meissl Architects

This portfolio is a good example of how Denis approaches an architectural assignment, creating a zoom that starts from the landscape and arrives at interiors and details.

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Eye Film Museum Amsterdam photo by Denis Guzzo


Drenthe .NL

Design by Superuse on site

An extended project report that includes aerial, exterior and interior views, material harvest and climate solutions.

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Almere Poort .NL

Design by ir. Willem Schutter

While Almere Poort district is known for DIY architecture and eccentric designs, this freedom has one primary obligation, to get your home connected to the district warming network.

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