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2019.2010.2011  The Hague .NL

Art prints available


1971 -2010 The Hague .NL

A collection of drawings, archive photos and a photo series that illustrate the abbandoned state of the building prior the dismanteling operation.


.2012. .2011 .2010 .2009

The Hague .NL

Captured on 4 x 5 inches large format negatives, the photo series create a timeline that spans from the storage field across various stage of the dismantling process. Few black and white negatives were also shot right before the beginning of the works.

The series ends with the photo 'As I have found him', which reveals the building emerging from the dense vegetation of the Dutch coastal dunes, like a Mayan temple forgotten in the jungle.


2010 The Hague .NL

Ols and new maps illustrating the geographical context where the youth hostell was built.

Seasons of the limbo | Four 4x5 slides on plexiglass | Backlight installation at AFFR 2014