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Only works captured on large format negatives are selected for the fine art section. Photographs are available as limited edition art prints. Single images,  diptychs, and sub-series outline a multiplicity of landscape's perceptions.

For information regarding the limited edition prints please refer to ACQUIRE/ART PRINTS.



"Beauty will result from the form and correspondence of the whole, with respect to the several parts, of the parts with regard to each other, and of these again to the whole."

Quote by Andrea Palladio

"Landscape talks its own language; through the seasons and the elements that we perceive in space and time.”


Quote by Denis Guzzo

Discover the landscape portfolio: photographs realized from the sky and low on the ground, on assignment and during self-initiated projects.

See projects

A selection of projects and portfolios from ten years of documentation regarding Superuse. For more readings and resources, please visit also RE-USE.EU

For information regarding the copyright releases, please refer to ACQUIRE/COPYRIGHT RELEASE.

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