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Design by Delugan  Meissl Architects

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2008 Katwijk aan Zee .NL

On assignment for ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] & TNO


While Almere Poort district is known for DIY architecture and eccentric designs, this freedom has one primary obligation, to get your home connected to the district warming network. The area developed quickly, filling up the circular master plan created by Rem Koolas; soon, a bright red building appeared at the waterfront.


Designed by architect Willen Schutter, the 'WOS' (from Dutch_ Heat Transfer Station) collects and redistributes the heat from the power plant in Diemen via a large water pipe laid at the bottom of the IJsselmeer.

To improve the process, the pipe used has a layer of air around it; a vacuum has been created before sealing the various sections.


Willem Schutter specialized in designing facilities for the leading local and European energy companies. Instead of hiding the structure among the landscape, he uses bright colours that outline futuristic shapes.


2013 Almere Poort .NL

On assignment for architect & engineer Willem Schutter

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