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Project by Superuse on site

Photography ©  Denis Guzzo | Digital 5500px available


“It is made with the waste of the waste of the waste.”

Quote from the interview with Césare Peeren, June 2019.

After a long restoration, we proudly present the result of Superuse co-founder Césare Peeren’s home. This is a beautiful example of how our cities could evolve, re-using pre-existing housing and local material flows. Starting from the ’90s, thanks to cooperation between the municipality and private owners, the street’s new inhabitants managed to save the whole housing complex.


Césare’s house has resulted in an organic assembling of elements and materials from other Superuse ‘s projects realized during the following two decades, implementing flows of re-used materials into the renovation process.

The tall back door also provides daylight for the desk on the first floor, which is also transparent. In the summer months, the reflecting thermal curtains are kept closed during the daytime to limit the heat entering the house.

Same as in the first floor' bathroom, the kitchen floor was composed using 'dead stock ceramic tiles.



A short stair connects the entrance to both the ground and the first floor.

The first floor also has a layered sandglass that provides daylight from the street's side. Two old aeroplane seats provide a comfortable corner for reading.

A small GRREN guest room has been created on the garden side, which has an overview of both the garden and dining room.

To cite one of the materials used for the house: the garden’s facade’s insulation has been realised by upcycling Trespa plates leftover from the other two projects.


Initially, the grey panels were office desks dismantled from a bank in Rotterdam in 2009. Upcycling materials, in this case, is done by giving new aesthetic value and adding functions simultaneously. After drilling the anti-slip stripes, the material was mainly reused for the DortYart project as flooring.

Image slider below [phone pics] : cosy vibes at the SUPERUSED HOME during a summer night