.NL 2013 | Designs by Superuse

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The 2013 edition of the design fair OBJECT was hosted at the Netherland Architecture Institute NAI, now called Het Nieuwe Instituut. Superuse's intervention consisted in reusing and refurbishing the materials from the previous exhibition and adding the Cilly furniture in strategic spaces such as the entrance and main rooms.

The Cilly furniture system utilizes a PVC cable reels section with a 40 cm (15,7 inches) inner diameter. The system was developed by Superuse at the request of a cabling company so that their waste stream could be utilized. Within the Cilly system, any configuration is possible: 2 layers create desk height, 3 layers make bar height, and so on...

One of the main pieces called Cilly DAF combines the system with dead stock windshields from DAF trucks.


The Parici is a Perspex lamp made of perfume advertising slides, printed at a very high resolution; they are usually discarded after one year. However, it is a very resistant material, and due to its abundance, Superuse has created a modular system.


With two simple operations, the square plates are cut and folded so several models of lamps can be assembled. The different models can be a closed or an open hanging lamp, a wall lamp and a ceiling lamp, depending on how the module is combined. The beautiful colours of the slides can be combined in the same assembly enriching the spaces with a warm and elegant look.

GREENHOUSE embodies the classic look of a wooden barn and the typical structure of Dutch greenhouses: reused materials combined with DIY community-based building for a low-impact and comfortable living environment.

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