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If anything, freedom is what you feel when first confronted with the Dutch Flevo polders. Freedom and perhaps a sense of being lost in space. The low horizons, immense skies, and endless perspectives are that of a desert landscape – albeit with a human element.

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New Mysteries aims to research Eleusis ‘s ‘Genius Loci’ and expose a modern story of metamorphosis into the modern city of Elefsina. By showing his findings, Denis wants to debate how the Mediterranean landscape and its heritage should be preserved as a primary human value.

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Halfway the bare plain lays a ghost station. A concrete carcass, overgrown with weeds. Crumbling stairs without railings lead to the muddy polder soil. On this plain could have been countless homes; at the ghost station, the residents could have taken the train.

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The hydrodynamic laboratory in the Noordoostpolder resumes more than a half-century of practice in water management and the prevention of coastal erosion.  Left behind, treasures of this knowledge are hidden in the surrounding woods: scale models of dams and harbours are being taken back by nature.

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"We have art so that we shall not die of reality."  F. Nietzsche

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