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Design by Superuse

Photos 5500 px and 4K film available

Along the Maas river, in Rotterdam, for many years, the Tropicana building has hosted an indoor tropical waterpark and a discotheque until it went out of business and closed in 2010.

Siemen Cox, pioneer of mushrooms cultivation on coffee grounds was the first to re-colonies the basement since 2013 with his company RotterZwam. 

In October 2015, impact investor Wouter Veer bought the Tropicana building, creating a Sinergy to realize the new dream: the office concept is intended for innovative companies that accelerate the growth of the circular economy with their products and services.


Lead by senior architect Floris Schiferli, Superuse redesigned the new internal structure of the building, focusing primarily on the realization of the new office area, within the space of the former discoteque. 1300 square metresare hosting now into 100 circular workplaces, varying from shared to private offices and fixed or flexible workplaces.

The window frames used as partition walls are eye-catching. The unusual composition stems from the given dimensions of the harvested window frames, with 68% CO2 reduction compared to conventional office refurbishment.

BlueCity is nowadays the frontrunner of the circular economy in the Netherlands.

Below: the cross section for the development of bluecity. Courtesy of Superuse.