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2020 Rotterdam .NL

Design by Superuse | Repaint by Mr June

5500px photos & 4k film available

Watch the short documentary filmed and produced by Denis Guzzo, and discover how the synergy of various professionals and organisations created this extraordinary intervention of place-making.

With: Monique Marijnissen, Césare Peeren, David Louf, Marjolijn van der Meijden, Talitha Nöllen and Gert-Jan Verboom as representatives of the LHBTI community of Rotterdam.

Vimeo for best quality and Eng. subtitles.

Languages: Dutch spoken | English subtitles | Commissioned by: Centre for Visual Arts (CBK) Rotterdam | Art & public space, Marjolijn van der Meijden | In cooperation with: initiators LGBTI monument for sexual- en gender diversity Rotterdam, Talitha Nöllen, Gert-Jan Verboom | REWIND LGBTIQ place-making: commissioned by Municipality of Rotterdam | Monique Marijnissen | Design REWIND: Superuse | RE-Painting: David Louf / Mr June | Soundtracks: HUMAN – Sevdaliza Courtesy of MAKTUB & Full Crate | Japanese Souvenir by DeKibo | Subtitles translation: Tirsa With.


“I think it’s an interesting way of thinking, too, for municipalities to look at: “what do we have?” ..and every time we think: “We want the square differently”, we could also think: “Can we do that with the ingredients already there?”


From the interview with Césare Peeren, ReWind LGBTQI+ Monument short documentary, June 2020.


A 12 minutes short documentary written, filmed, and edited by Denis Guzzo


Mr June working on the new skin

Since 1985, David Louf has been operating under Mr June’s name as an artist, street artist, and graphic designer. At 14, he was part of the hip-hop movement and performed as a breakdancer. After his studies at the Utrecht School of the Arts, he quickly named himself a graphic designer.

The street’s freedom turned out to be more attractive, and he has been one of the most famous street artists for quite some time. Worldwide he has provided buildings, floors, and facades with optical patterns. Via Césare Peeren, senior architect at Superuse; Mr June was introduced and further selected for this project. During the travel ban due to the pandemic, he proudly took the opportunity to work for his hometown, Rotterdam.

The following photo slider includes only a small selection, more photos of this session are available on request.


Capturing the installation of the newly painted REWIND

Since the beginning REWIND has been designed to be removable, in case of events that would require more space on Willemsplein square. The installation of the newly painted windmill blades happened in just a couple of hours, to remark that good design means also creating functional objects.

The following photo series includes only a small selection, more photos of this session are available on request.