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Amsterdam Heesterveld 2013

Intervention by Superuse & Iris Shutte | Skin design by Delva Landscape


A new community of artists and musicians emerged in one of the buildings in Amsterdam South-East. Two homes have been merged into one spacious home studio to increase the diversity of spaces in the building. Superuse performed a metabolic analysis of the area around Heesterveld for the Ymere housing association, commissioned by Eva de Klerk.

To achieve this, a clever intervention was required. In consultation with a structural engineer, it was decided to enlarge the space by sawing six strips from the concrete floor. The void created a beautiful and bright studio space. In order not to affect the stability of the floor areas, the sawn strips of concrete were attached vertically, compensating for the loss of the floor and counterbalancing the structure of the building. Normally this material would be removed, and now, it is part of the new space.