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Zero Caffè  documentary film shares the same philosophy and mission with the book ZERO CAFFÉ , created by Italian coffee experts Andrej Godina and Sandro Bonacchi, and curated by Aurora Castellani in 2019. The book aims to increase awareness and bring change by protecting the first links of the coffee supply chain: the farmers, their communities, and their beautiful landscapes.

The film is intentionally titled after the book to empower and extend the author’s mission and a growing community of professionals and institutions working in the same direction. It is a story of international cooperation between Honduras and Italy. From the seed to the final cup, viewers will finally discover how passionate farmers and coffee experts; are joining forces to achieve a sustainable and fair value chain.

Authors: Sandro Bonacchi, Andrej Godina.

Curated by: Aurora Castellani, Edizioni Medicea Firenze


With the contributions of the theologian Piero Coda, the chef Igles Corelli and the nurseryman Paolo Mati - Introduction by Fabi so Picchi.


Zero Caffè -

The right to happiness

176 pages 21 × 21 cm - ISBN: 9788898015597


Between 2019 and 2021, Denis worked to extend the ZERO CAFFÉ project from the initial book to scriptwriting for the related documentary film project, resulting in a full script and storyboard ready to be pitched.

It is estimated that more than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide. Coffee is grown by an estimated 25 million farmers in more than 60 tropical countries, making it a key source of revenue for many developing nations. Coffee, as a commodity, is second only to oil, and very few know its intricate production process and trading. Within the context of globalization and macroeconomics, the coffee market has developed exponentially, casting the dark shadows of colonialism into a paradox called the stock market.

While working on the research and scriptwriting for the documentary film, Denis curated the project's development to extend the authors' mission. This portfolio showcases how the various steps of art direction, communication strategy and design, and content creation for community development around the project.




2019.2020 IT | Commissioned by b.Farm

A script is like carrying a map when you set out on a road trip. Likewise, a shooting script is a conceptual map for your shooting journey. It allows for finetuning the story's structure, tailored by the production's budget.


Next to the full script in English, the project has been implemented into a full presentation that divides the story into 30 stages. The final brochure, created in both English and Italian versions, allows the team and the potential producers to easily grasp the story's plot, characters, locations and structure.

This brochure has been printed to accompany the fiscal script it also provides also a solid foundation for digital presentation.

Slideshow:  the brochure - storyboard for the Zero Caffè documentary.