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Shanghai .CHI .2020 .2021 .2022


Jonas Emil, a Shanghai-based micro coffee roaster, have been quietly honing our craft since 2009, mastering the craft through practice and persistance. They strive to deliver the freshest quality coffee by roasting in small batches and selling direct to the consumer.


This portfolio showcase a selection of photography and communication design as a result of a fruitful collaboration with Denis.



'FLAVORED PHOTOS' is a series created by visually matching elements with the flavours and origin of single-origin beans. In some photos, other objects appear to be later matched with visual stories called 'CONVERSATIONS'.

Tasting sessions were held before the photoshoots to fine-tune and brainstorm to match the coffees to the ingredients and other props.


Conceived by Jonas Emil's Co-Founder, David Henry, the 'CONVERSATIONS' photo series aims to place the product in the context of different stories. The story's context was decided beforehand by making the FLAVORED photos used as covers to present the story.


For the  Sumatra Mandheling Dark Roast beans, the shooting was realized in a hybrid style between fashion and documentary and with non-professional models. As the brand is run by both Chinese and Western owners, so are the models who mirror the broad and multicultural target group in the city of Shanghai.

Edo & Jack enjoy their coffee during a  break while planning the next bike trip organized by the shop.

Concept by David Henry
Development, production & photography by Denis Guzzo

Models: Edoardo Neri & Jack Tien

Location Specialized Bike Shop Shanghai