Solo exhibition at photoQ bookshop


2014.07 / 2014.08

photoQ bookshop | Amsterdam | NL

Eutopia is the definition that we could give to European attitude to provide policies that are supposed to be applied on such divers realities. YOU THEM US is an exhibition that intend to show and hightlight those differences and reflexions with the common red-line of landscape seen as a primary human value.

YOU THEM US has been combining works selected from the projects Freedomland (NL) and Wasting Mythology (GR) within the beautifull space of photoQ bookshop in Ferdinad Bolstraat, Amsterdam.

This solo exhibition provides a retrospective on his work through a selection of photographs from his two main projects over the past years; ‘Freedomland’ and ‘Wasting Mythology’. In both projects we are invited to join on a quest to regain utopia in the landscape.

Freedomland presents us with geometries and minimalism in drainage pipes and urban planning reminiscent of enlightenment architecture. The otherworldly rationalism of the artifice is contrasted with the inhumanity of landscape and disregards the notion of it being situated comfortably within it.

This critical approach leads Guzzo to investigate the primitive roots of European rationalism in the Greek mystery traditions in Greece. Here spilt concrete is shown to be far more effective in concealing ultimate truths than mystical riddles and paradox. The result is shown to be a forgotten mountain desecrated by a careless flag.