Freedomland exhibited In cASLA, Almere


Conceived as an alternative to Dutch postwar housing, Almere provided suburban space for families moving out of the city. Space was its trademark. In time, Almere discovered her potential as ‘freedom land’: Almere as pattern book of individual (housing) freedom. At first this freedom was limited to little quarantined corners of experimentation. Today, whole neighborhoods are on offer for entrepreneurial citizens to build their dream home. In step the city has started to rethink its relation with nature and landscape.

Italian photographer Denis Guzzo has observed and documented this process for years now. He shows in his photos how the new land is being structured and prepared for use, how diverse dreams become reality, and how different ideas of freedom are being expressed. Ranging from the vacant land’s inherent promise, to the diversity of realized projects, the photos show different forms and phases of this fundamentally malleable landscape. Next to his sociological and historical interest, a main theme in this series is Guzzo’s concern for man’s interaction with nature; his engagement with sustainable society. Beyond presenting a personal and elegant view on liberties and limitations in the Dutch polder and urban landscape, this series is an attempt to start a debate on how city and landscape, man and nature can coexist.

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exhibition press release with Pdf with text by Arjen Oosterman NL


Realized in collaboration with:

Judith Flapper, cASLa   Architecture Center Almere

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