Freedomland: the new Atlantis

Freedomland: The new Atlantis has been exhibited at the Agora Theater in Lelystad untill March 20th 2011.

DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_L_2010_03_L_Landed on Agora

Landed on Agora | Lelystad 2010|110 x 88 cm Ed.  3/11

2011.01 /  2011.03
Agora theater | Lelystad | NL

This amazing architecture, built by UN Studio, is the main character of the aerial photograph Landed on Agora.  While my exploration of the Flevo polder is still a work in progress, this solo exhibition shows the first body of work developed for the graduation at the Royal Academy of Art Te Hague in June 2010. It evokes the image of a 21st century Atlantis that has risen again from the waves.

Realized in collaboration with: Agora Theater,  Art Affair, Municipality of Lelystad and Eyes on Media.