Archis RSVP#17 | Stroom | Te Hague

Archis RSVP#17 | Stroom | Te Hague

Archis RSVP#17: All Inclusive about the question whether the City of Peace and Justice connects or rather divides, started with urban designer Jan de Graaf. He showed the predecessor of the International Zone in the project for a World Capital by architect De Bazel (1905), which was embedded in a slightly different form in Berlage’s expansion plan for The Hague (1908). Ironically the present International Zone is located in the area where the Germans constructed their Atlantikwall during World War II.

With photographer Denis Guzzo, we ride by tram from the embassies city-block to Holland Spoor and back to experience where the city changes from peat to sand. Frank Weijzen, urban designer at the City of The Hague, shows us how the local ambitions of the city are sometimes surpassed by international rules and agreements. In short, the image of The Hague is infinitely more complex than the city marketers want us to believe and Peace and Justice have much more influence on the city than we might think at first sight.

This intervention is part of the program of See You in The Hague and join the exhibition The Good Cause at Stroom curated by Lilet Breddels and Arjen Oosterman.

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