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Denis Guzzo (b.1977) is an Italian filmmaker, photographer and producer currently working on a multitude of  projects worldwide. He works both on assignment and on self-initiated documentary projects, underpinned by extensive research.

After many years devoted to visual storytelling captured on large format negatives he is now embracing the art of filmmaking.

With his works he strives to address both local and global issues through a sampling of environmental, social and  human conditions. These explorations allows him to create catalysts of cultural reflexivity and articulate his reflections on what we could be but have perhaps never considered.

His work has been exhibited internationally and published in magazines such as Volume, Icon, Korean Landscape Series, Metropolis M; in many books and on books covers. His photographs appear in both private and public collections as limited edition art prints (5 + ap 2).

Denis Guzzo has been working with or for: Archis, Bureau Europa, cASLa, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructures, Dutch Ministry of Environment, Eye Film Museum, Monnik, Save Industrial Heritage, Stroom, Superuse Studios, T.U. Delft, TNO, ZUS zones urbaine sensible, among many others.



2006.2010 Royal Academy of Art, The Hague | BA Photography and Film | NL

1999.2001 European Design Institute – IED, Milano | Photography | IT

 Art high school A. Martini, Vicenza | Architecture & design | IT



2009. | Research at LEF Future Center | Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure RWS, Utrecht | NL

| Archis Foundation | Volume magazine, Amsterdam | NL


Landscapes have a language of their own, and the lens allows us to capture their voice. Images are like echoes of that voice, narratives that fade in time. The condition of our common landscapes mainly depend on what we have decided and done in our cities. Urbanization and the cultural landscape are complex expressions of both human aspirations and failures. Everything is connected by visible and “less-visible” flows. It is for this reason that I have spent years researching the field of architecture and urbanism while developing as a landscape photographer.

My work examines the relationship between photography and the built environment, images and their context – it is lens-based, geographical and based on archive-minining. Since the 1970s, the idea of meaning has been central to the notion of place in human geography. It finds its roots in the Roman concept of Genius Loci, the spirit of a place, and in the philosophical ideas of Aristotle and Plato. I refer often to these ancient notions of investigating the labyrinth of observations that we call geography and history. Philosophers have strived for millennia to interpret the dichotomy between “reality” and our perception of it. I feel the energy of their mental exertions between the tips of my fingers as I expose and unload the large format negatives in the dark. I trust their powers of description and material capacity to bear witness, to carry through space and time some traces and perspectives of our civilization.

Photography is an autonomous language that has given us the ability to get to the surface of meaning. It is a polyhedral means of expressing and storing human ideas, and offers a hyper-surface through which every act of perception is also an act of creation. Photographs are not what we see, but what they allow us to understand. I believe photographs are a form of continuously evolving abstract space.


My approach focuses initially on the combination of available facts, before considering composition and other aesthetic criteria. The amount of time spent researching, exploring and documenting landscapes bears little relation to the rapid consumption of images that we see today. This contrast between my approach and the current speed of consumption poses an ethical question regarding how and why we take, use and present photographs, and how much we can rely on their content.
My research is based on a multiplicity of landscape perceptions. I use the bi-dimensional medium of photography to challenge the space from a multiplicity of layers and perspectives. I seek and examine the core of these spaces to unearth evidence for the creation of new mythological narratives. The stories I try to tell comprise numerous metaphors that are difficult to align. To this end, I find it important to engage with the spaces via exhibitions and installations, and to give form to the relationship between my views and related geographical representations.

Photography for me is a means of exploration that allows me to create catalysts of cultural reflexivity in real time, and articulate my reflections on what we could be but have perhaps never considered.

Denis Guzzo 03.2016

Solo exhibitions

2015.03.04 | P O S I T I O N S | Van Kranedonk Gallery, Te Hague | Solo + Guest curator | NL

2014.07.08.09 | YOU THEM US  | photoQ bookshop, Amsterdam | Solo + Guest curator | NL

2014.05 | WASTING MYTHOLOGY: case study Eleusis| Sijthoff, Leiden | Solo + Guest curator | NL

2013. | FREEDOMLAND | caSla Architecture centrer, Almere | Solo + Guest curator | NL

2011.01.02.03 | FREEDOMLAND: the new Atlantis | Agora theater, Lelystad | NL

Group exhibitions

2016.05  | Exodus | with Young Blood Initiative |  Corridor Project Space | Amsterdam | NL

2015.12   2016.01.02.03 | Adventures on the countryside | FotoMuseum The Hague | NL

2015. |  Trash to Treasure Lab  by Superuse Studios | Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Shenzhen | CHI

2015.07.08 | Summer again | Van Kranedonk Gallery, Te Hague | NL

2015.05.06.07 | Workplace for the new World | Monnik at Bureau Europa, Maastricht | NL

2015.04.05 | 3 collectionneurs, autrement | Gallery Ete 78, Bruxelles | BE

2014.11.12  2015 .01 | Almost winter | Van Kranedonk Gallery, Te Hague | NL

2014.07.08.09 | Wenn wir dich nicht sehen, siehst du uns auch nicht | Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam | NL

2014. | Light! | Municipal Museum Den Haag | NL

2013. | Volume project: beyond architecture | Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Shenzhen | CHI

2013.10 | The international experimental cinema exposition | Denver | USA

2013.04.05.06 | UNITED WE | Stroom, Te Hague | NL

2012.11.12 | The good cause. Architecture of Peace | Netherlands embassy, Kigali | Assistant curator for Archis Foundation | RW

2012.09.10.11 | Stay Foreign. Exhibition #1 | Slaakhuis, Rotterdam | Duo with Müge Ylmaz | NL

2011.10 | The floating spirit of Frank van Klingeren | AFFR Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam | NL

2011 until 2016 | Permanent exhibition Museum NieuwLand | Hd video from Freedomland | Lelystad | NL

2010.09 | The floating spirit of Frank van Klingeren | Villa Ockenburg, Te Hague | NL

2010.06.07 | Freedomland: work in progress | Royal academy of arts. Te Hague | NL

2010.04 | The control room | Colophon, Beaumontpublic gallery | Assistant curator for Archis Foundation | LUX

2009.11.12 | 13 Km 2: DocuDenHaag | NutsHuis, Te Hague | NL

2008.01.02.03 | Printemps a Grand Bijgard | by ZUS | Triennale, Milano | IT

2007.12 | Huur commisie jaarboek | Municipal Building, Te Hague | NL

2004.06 | The Dressmachine meet Guy Boudin | FOAM | Amsterdam | NL

Selected publications

2017 | Facing Value: Radical Perspectives from the Arts | Valiz | ENG | Featured

2016 | Balance of the living environment | Dutch Ministry Minienm | NL | Featured

2016 | Rooilijn| Visual essay on SuperUse by Cèsare Peeren | NL | Featured

2015 | Het Waardevol Jaarboek | book by Van Gansewinkel | NL | Featured

2015 | Towards zero waste buildings | by Paola Altamura | IT | Featured

2013 | The science of Play | by Susan G. Solomon | book | ENG | Featured

2013 | The future of architecture | NAI010 | book | ENG | Featured

2013 | RRAAM Rijksstructuurvisie Amsterdam-Almere-Markermeer | Almere/RAAM | NL | Featured

2013 | Eye at a glance | Book by Eye Film Museum | ENG | Featured

2012 | Oosterwold [Masterplan by MDRDRV] | Dutch Ministry Minienm | NL | Featured

2010 | Freedomland: work in progress | Self published book ed. 50 | ENG | Monograph

2009 | PhotoQ | NL | Featured

2009 | Left behind | Self published book ed. 50 | ENG | Monograph

2007 | Re-public: Towards a new spatial politics| ZUS-NAI | ENG-NL | Featured

Interventions and lectures

2016.06 |  ZERO WASTE BUILDING | Lecture at Casa dell’ Architettura | Rome | IT

2015.11 |  NOI  VOI  LORO | Lecture at SP3 gallery | Treviso | IT

2015.11 | NOI  VOI  LORO | Seminar  at  the Dep. of Architecture University of  Ferrara | IT

2014.09 | Gaia Project | Lecture at Aisxylia festival | Eleusis | GR

2014.06 | Archis RSVP#17  | Intervention at See you in The Hague, Stroom | NL

2013.09 | FREEDOMLAND | Lecture at caSla Architecture centre | Almere | NL


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